Begging For Rain ukulele Chords by Maggie Rogers

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Begging For Rain ukulele Chords by Maggie Rogers.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: D, Dmaj7, Em, E, F#m, G, Gmaj7, A
  • Key: F#
  • Capo: 4th fret
Ukulele Chords
 D – 2220
Dmaj7 – 2224
Em – 0402
E – 1402
F#m – 2120
G – 0232
Gmaj7 – 0222
A – 2100
Two, three
D G E D G E [Verse 1] D The more you wait, the more you break Dmaj7 D Gmaj7 D The longer that it takes to undo Dmaj7 D All the knots that you've been tying Gmaj7Begging On cherry stems and black barbed wire, too [Pre-Chorus] Em You work all day to find religion F#m D And end up standing in your kitchen Gmaj7 Wondering 'bout the way it's always been Em I'm a firefighter and I can't stop it F#m D They fan the flames higher than rockets G And leave you standing on an open plane [Chorus] D Begging for rain Gmaj7 D G Oh, begging for rain [Verse 2] D I feel it all and I can't stop it G Wish that I could turn my faucet loose D On all my friends who keep on calling

Like nothing's wrong
G and asking me "what's new?" [Pre-Chorus] Em Now, I do my best to not be bitter F#m Give my rage a babysitter Gmaj7 Stop waiting for the adults to come home Em It's a firework and you can't stop it F#m I'm cutting holes in all the pockets G Of everyone that's calling me insane [Chorus] D Oh, waiting for rain G D Oh, begging for rain G D A G Em Oh, begging for rain [Bridge] D A G Em D A G Em I keep waitin' D A G Em D I keep waitin' [Outro] D Ooh, ooh D Ooh, ooh D Ooh, ooh D Ooh

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