Dawn Fm Ukulele chords by The Weeknd

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Dawn Fm Ukulele chords by The Weeknd.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: Am, C, F, G
  • Key: Am
Ukulele Chords
  Am – 2000
C – 0003
F – 2010
G – 0232
Am Am Am Am C F
Am Am C F
Am This part I do alone C I'll take my lead, I'll
take my lead on this road
Am A And I need something to hold

(Something to hold)
C Make me believe in make-beliefs F 'Cause after the light,
is it dark, is it dark all alone?
A All alone [Interlude] You are now listening to 103.5 Dawn FM
You've been in the

dark for way too long
It's time to walk into the light
And accept your fate with open arms
Scared? Don't worry
We'll be there to

hold your hand and guide

you through this painless transition
But what's the rush
Just relax and enjoy

another hour of commercial

free yourself music on 103.5 Dawn FM
Stay tuned
103.5 Dawn FM

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