Fairytale Ukulele Chords By Kings of Leon

Fairytale Track Info

Chords Info

Difficulty: novice
Tuning: G C E A
Key: E
Chords: E, A, C#m, B, F#

Ukulele Chords
E – 1402
A – 2100
C#m – 1104
B – 3222
F# – 3020
E A E A [Verse 1]
E A Inconsistent love masked in a fairytale E A You play along and you wear it well E A You'll fall apart when the timings right E A Pacing the floor til' the morning light [Verse 2]
C#m B There will be a time out there on the line A When you know you've had enough E B Plant a little seed down there on your knees A When you know you've got the stuff [Instrumental]
E A E A [Verse 3]
E A Everybody wants a little piece of my time E A Keep it all the rage and they'll stand in line E A Heard your little cause playing on the radio E A It's getting good, real good at getting old [Verse 4]
C#m B Always just away everybody says A You could be here when you're home E B You never say goodbye or look me in the eye A I'll love you 'til the day is gone C#m B I can see my feet planted on the street A Rumbling like a waterfall E B At my own device I can scale the ice A Waiting for the warm to come [Instrumental]
F# A F# A [Bridge]
F# A And the words always get in the way F# A It cuts you down just the same F# A I can't wait to see what you find F# A And the sun will find its place to shine [Outro]
E A x12

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