Favor Ukulele Chords By Julien Baker

Favor Track Info

Chords Info

Difficulty: novice
Tuning: G C E A
Chords: Bb, F, Dm, Gm, C

Ukulele Chords
Bb – 3200
F – 2010
Dm – 2210
Gm – 0231
C – 0003
[Verse 1]
Bb We took the forty down to F Visit the family, and I Bb Told you the only kin I knew Dm F Was who I could see from the gurney Bb I used to think about myself F Like I was a talented liar Bb Turns out that all my friends were Dm F Trying to do me a favor [Chorus 1]
Bb I always wanna tell the truth F But it never seems like the right time Bb Dm To be serious enough F Gm I'm sorry I'm making myself cry [Post-Chorus]
Gm F C Bb F How long do I have until Gm F C Bb F I've speeent up everyone's goodwill? [Verse 2]

Bb Sat on the hood, out all night F Trying to scrape together change Bb You pulled a moth out Dm From the grill of your truck F Saying it's a shame Bb How come it's so much еasier F With anything less than human Bb Letting yoursеlf be tender? Dm F Well, you couldn't make me do it [Chorus 2]
Bb It doesn't feel too bad, but it F Doesn't feel too good, either Bb Just like a nicotine patch, it Dm F Gm Hardly works, then it's over F C [Bridge]
Gm F C Who put me Bb F In your way to find? Gm F C And what right had you Bb F Not to let me die? Gm F C Ooh, but did I even know Bb F What I was asking for? Gm F C If I had my way Bb F I'd have missed you more Gm F Than you missed me Bb F You missed me

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