Funny Girl Ukulele chords by Father John Misty

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Funny Girl Ukulele chords by Father John Misty.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: Bbaug, Daug, Bb, Bb7, Eb, Eb7, Ab, Abm, Fm, C7, D7, G, C, Bm7b5, Cm/Eb, Am, E7, D, B7, Em, E, G7, Cm, A
  • Key: Bb


Bb Bb Bb7 Bb7 [Verse]
Eb Eb7 Funny girl, you look so unassuming Ab Abm Right up until the room you’re captivating Fm Bb7 Starts to fill with gut-busting laughter C7 Fm You’re trans-formed into a five foot
Bb7 Bbaug N.C.
Cleo- pat -ra
Eb Eb7 Funny girl, your schedule’s pretty crazy Ab Abm Doing interviews, for the new live action Cathy Fm Bb7 Could you pencil in an industry out-sider C7 Fm Yeah, you’re young but, baby,
Bb7 Bbaug N.C.
you’re not getting youn-ger

N.C. Eb D7 Funny girl | G | N.C. | C | N.C. | (Bm7b5) (Cm/Eb) | Am | D7 E7 | Am | D B7 |

Em B7 For once your timing wasn’t great Em B7 I must have missed you by a day E Am But, baby, things have turned out
pretty good this way
Am And I don’t think either of us yearn
D7 Daug
to share the stage

G G7 Funny girl, you seem pretty indifferent C Cm But you knocked me out, when you charmed

the pants off Letterman
Am Oh I wish you’d flash that manic smile
in my di-rection
E7 Am And let me lead you to your seat
D7 Daug N.C.
like we were old friends
G A Cm G Funny girl

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