Relative Fiction Ukulele Chords By Julien Baker

Relative Fiction Track Info

Chords Info

Difficulty: novice
Tuning: G C E A
Capo: 2nd fret
Chords: G, Cmaj7, Am, Em, C

Ukulele Chords
G – 0232
Cmaj7 – 0002
Am – 2000
Em – 0402
C – 0003
G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 [Verse 1]
G Midnight, you could see me dangling Cmaj7 G Glow like a cherry falling, now it's a downpour Cmaj7 You could see me racing the rain to the ground floor Am G You're the only thing I'll wait around for Cmaj7 Maybe when you get off of work, you should meet me G We could go barreling down the main street Cmaj7 You could try watching while I run through the high-beams [Instrumental]
G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 [Bridge]
Em G Cmaj7 'Cause if I didn't have a mean bone in my body Em G Cmaj7 I'd find some other way to cause you pain Em G Cmaj7 I won't bother telling you I'm sorry Em G Cmaj7 C For something that I'm gonna do again [Verse 2]
G When I could spend the weekend out on a bender Cmaj7 Do I get callous or do I stay tender? G Which of these is worse and which is better? Cmaj7 Dying to myself, virtually a massacre Em G Cmaj7 A character of somebody's invention Em G Cmaj7 A martyr in another passion play Em G Cmaj7 I guess I don't mind losing my conviction Em G Cmaj7 If it's all relative fiction anyway [Verse 3]
G Cmaj7 'Cause I don't need a savior, I need you to take me home G Cmaj7 I don't need your help, I need you to leave me alone G I'm out where the drunks at the bar talk over the band Cmaj7 I try to express, I can't understand G I beat at the keys, I bloody my hands Cmaj7 'Til you hear me Em G I've got no business praying Cmaj7 I'm finished being good Em G Cmaj7 Now I can finally be okay and not the way I thought I should G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 Mm-mm

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