Song in E Ukulele Chords By Julien Baker

Song in E Track Info

Chords Info

Difficulty: intermediate
Tuning: G C E A
Chords: E, B, C#m, B, A, Asus4, E+, F#m, C

Ukulele Chords
E – 1402
B – 3222
C#m – 1104
B – 3166
A – 2100
Asus4 – 2200
E+ – 1003
F#m – 2120
C – 0003
E B C#m B A E E+7
[Verse 1]
E E+7 I wish that I drank C#m B A E B Because of you and not only because of me E E+7 C#m B And then I could blame something painful enough A E B Not to make me look any more weak [Verse 2]
E E+7 When you heard my name C#m B A E B You could be angry and have a good reason to be E E+7 And then when I sang C#m B A E A horrible drunken parade of my worst thoughts B E+7 C#m A I'd say, "Give me no sympathy" C#m Asus4 E It's the mercy I can't take [Instrumental Break]
E E+ C#m B A E F#m B B C C#m B A F#m [Verse 3]
E E+7 Oh, I wish you'd come over C#m B A Not to stay, just to tell me that I E B Was your biggest mistake to my face E E+7 And then leave me alone C#m B A E In an еmpty apartment, face down in the carpеt B E+7 C#m A I wish you'd hurt me C#m Asus4 E It's the mercy I can't take E E+7 C#m B A E+7

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