Still Goin Down Ukulele Chords by Morgan Wallen

Still Goin Down Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(EADGBE)
  • Chords: F, C, Am, G
F C The way I talk, I guess I got it from my pops Am G F Probably took some knealin' down in a town where the doors don't lock C Am G F There's a million other people like me from a scene a little more podunk than pop C Am G I didn't choose being born in the sticks and I'll be damned if I sound like something I F ain't C Am G 'Cause some folks them backroads gets old but for me it just can't F C Am 'Cause I'm from a small town, southern draw crowd G F Sippin' clear, drinking beer on a Friday night C Am Every country girl's got on her cutoffs G F Shakin her hips take a trip buddy tell me I'm a liar C Am so circle of big trucks around the fire G F To kickin up some dust behind the tires C Am Call it cliche but hey just take it from me G F It's still goin down out in the country

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