The Bobs Burgers Movie – Sunny Side Up Summer ukulele Chords by Misc Cartoons

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play The Bobs Burgers Movie – Sunny Side Up Summer ukulele Chords by Misc Cartoons.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: G, D, Em, B7, C, A7, F, A, E, F#m, C#7
  • Key: F
  • Capo: 3rd fret
G Everyday we come downstairs Unlock the door and
Turn the sign to open. Open.
G Is another day I give

Myself a little diarrhea
D From the worry and the

Stressin' and the hopin'
Em B7 But I won't think about, those fears now

(But you shouldn't think about,

those fears now)
Em Mr. Dowling at the bank is
C A7
Gonna say "oh wow"
G When he tastes our burgers, taste our fries D He'll probably give us a high five F Extend our loan,

Throw us a bone (Mmhmm!)
C And tell us we are in the zone (Yup!) G Send us on our merry way, hey!
Have yourselves a pleasant day
F We'll come back here,

We'll go berzerk
C We'll hug and kiss and

And get to work
(We'll hug and kiss...) N.C. Oh bobby I like what i'm hearin' N.C. Diarrhea's fine but

No sense fearin' (I mean...)
N.C. Eh! When you have that just

Un-stop-timistic spirit!
N.C. Its gonna be the sunny side up
Summer of our lives, wooooo!
G Everytime I see him oh my heart it
Does a crazy little dance
D Something like this,

Eh... eh... eh... (looks good)
G And I want for him to

Kiss me and then walk away
D So I can see what's shakin' in the

Backside of his pants (poop?)
Em B7 I think that this is real, what
I feel, and if he could feel it
C A7 Too well then that would be ideal G So I wanna make this thing legit, D I'm gonna put a ring on it F But not a ring 'cause that's cray-cray C I mean we're only in 8th grade G I'll do the thing 8th graders do D When you like-like me and

I like-like you
F Put something special on a chain and C Give it to him and explain G I'd like for you to be
My summer boyfriend
F You'll say yes and then to
Seal it shake your rear end
G D And it's gonna be the sunny side up
Summer of my life!
A Each and every day,
I want to sing, I want to play
A Play this napkiny thing,
I made it,
And it's gonna revolutionize

American pop music
N.C. Each and every day, I just think,

I'm pretty great
N.C. Yup that's right, no big deal N.C. Im not hiding what

I feel about some things
N.C. On my mind an if

They're holding me behind
F#m C#7 Keeping me, feeling small, though they F#m D Actually make me tall B7 F#m Hope they don't hear me talkin'
Bout them don't know
F#m D What I am without them [Outro]
B7 A E But this summer I might see G D Just who I turn out to be

(Just what we turn out to be)
A E And it's gonna be the sunny side up
Summer of our lives
A Guess we're gonna go for it
Feels kinda scary i'll admit
G It will be great, it's gonna work

(Sunny side up summer oooooh!)
D We'll hug and kiss and go berzerk A I'll take a chance don't second guess

(Okay, good plan don't second guess)
E G We're doing great if he just answers

(Sunny side up summer oooooh!)

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