The Lepidopterist Ukulele Chords by beetlebug

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play The Lepidopterist Ukulele Chords by beetlebug.

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: Fmaj7, Ddim/G, Em7, Cdim/G, F6, G7, C, Cmaj7, C7, A7, Fm
  • Capo: no capo
Fmaj7  Ddim/G Em7 Cdim/G
F6 G7 C Cmaj7* C7
Fmaj7  Ddim/G Em7 Cdim/G
F6 G7 C **
[Verse 1]
Fmaj7     Ddim/G Em7       Cdim/G
You never fail   my swallowtail
F6         G7           C       Cmaj7* C7
Sitting so sweet in the palm of my     hand
   Fmaj7        Ddim/G   Em7          Cdim/G
To make me feel safe and fill me with grace
F6       G7          C          A7
wings as pale as the sun on the sand
Fmaj7     Ddim/G Em7        Cdim/G
Merry and bright my cabbage white
F6              G7          C   A7
freshly steamed milk of the moonlight
Fmaj7           Ddim/G      Em7          Cdim/G
for you are the morning the noon and the night
F6 G7 C
[Verse 2]
Fmaj7      Ddim/G Em7      Cdim/G
Leaving so soon   my holly blue
F6         G7          C       Cmaj7* C7
Gently you flew to the ends of the    day
         Fmaj7        Ddim/G     Em7          Cdim/G
fleeting time passing through as cold evening dew
  F6     G7          C         A7            F6       G7
a mellow reminder of your once warm breath   of rain
C             Cmaj7         C7            A7
la la la la   la la la la   la la la la   la la la la
F6            F6            Fm
la la la la   la la la la   la la
[Verse 3]
Fmaj7       Ddim/G  Em7       Cdim/G
Snail shell swirl   mother of pearl
F6            G7             C      Cmaj7* C7
locked like a curl 'round my finger so     tight
       Fmaj7      Ddim/G    Em7         Cdim/G
Though I love you so you're losing your glow
F6         G7          C    A7
why do you have to let go         but
Fmaj7       Ddim/G Em7          Cdim/G
We'll never be so  I'll set you free
F6        G7     C     A7
up to the clouds so high
    Fmaj7       Ddim/G        Em7         Cdim/G
For you are the earth and the sea and the sky
F6 G7 C A7
    Fmaj7         Ddim/G         Em7       Cdim/G
And you were more beautiful when you could fly
(strum one at a time) 2-2-1-3    1-2-1-3    0-0-0-2

Song Info

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