The Shield Ukulele Chords by Tim Baker

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play The Shield Ukulele Chords by Tim Baker .

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: G, C/G, G/C, C, G/D, C/E, D, Am, G/B, B, F#, E/B, E, C#m, D#, A#, D#/G#, D#/G, Fm
  • Key: G
G C/G G C/G [Verse]
G G/C Let's take a long ride G G/C I wanna go right through the shield G C/G Into the white light G C/G To the wide silent field G C/G Out where the land lies G C/G Turning lights wherever you look G See it has the lows and
It has the highs
G C/G And the whole roller coaster ride G C/G Alright [Interlude]
G C/G [Pre-Chorus]
C G/D I can drive while you're sleeping C/E G/D Well you're long gone by the light C G/D You know we all got our reasons D G To stay up at night C Am Come on let's go G/B C I don't mind the driving slow C Am Let it wipe away B The way back home [Chorus] B F# But it's not what E/B E You ever thought B You can leave it F# B But it's never gone [Interlude]
B E/B B E/B [Verse]
B E/B Let's take a long ride B E/B I wanna go into another time B When the world was still ours E/B And the jury was still out B E/B And hills were just clouds in the sky B E/B But there's only one way out B E/B And it's on up over I ever ground B So as hard as it seems E/B Take just what you need B Cause too much, and
You'll never succeed
E C#m Come on let's go B E Don't mind the winding road E C#m D# You know I kinda like to drive it slow E C#m Like we're coming home B E And the memories overflowing' E And your love C#m D# They sing those songs they know [Chorus]
D# A# D# D#/G# G# Cause it's not what you ever thought D# You can leave it A# G# But it's never gone D# A# D# G# No, it's not what you ever thought D# You can leave it A# G# But it's never gone [Outro]
G# D#/G Fm D#

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