Valentine Texas ukulele chords by Mitski

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Valentine Texas ukulele chords by Mitski.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: G, A, A5, Bbdim, Bdim, Bm7, B5, C, D
  • Key: G#
  • Capo: 1st fret
Ukulele Chords
G – 0232
A – 2100
A5 – xx00
Bbdim – 3101
Bdim – 7575
Bm – 4222
Bm7 – 4220
B5 – xx22
C – 0003
D – 2220

D C G D [Verse 1] Bm C Bm A Let's step carefully into the dark D C Once we're in I'll
remember my way around
D A Bm F# Who will I be tonight G A Who will I become tonight D C I'll show you who
Bm A
My sweetheart's never met
D C Wet teeth, shining eyes
Glimmering by a fire
[Instrumental] D A5 Bm F#5 G Bdim Bm7 A D C Bm G B5 G D [Verse 2]

Bm A C A#dim Bm Let's drive out to where
dust devils are made
D A C Bm Gmaj7 By dancing ghosts as they kick up
Clouds of sand
D A Bm F# Where clouds look like mountains G A#dim Bm A Clouds look like mountains D A G Let me watch those
A#m Bm A
Mountains from underneath
D A C And maybe they'll
Finally float off of me

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