All She Wrote Ukulele Chords By Justin Bieber

All She Wrote Track Info

Song: All She Wrote
Artist: Justin Bieber
Produced By: Sean Momberger, Lee Major, Boi-1da & Vinylz
Written By: Brandon Love, Justin Bieber, Boi-1da, Leigh Elliot, Sean Momberger, Gerald Levert, Chandler Moore & Vinylz
Release Date: 04 April 2021

Chords Info

Difficulty: novice
Tuning: G C E A
Capo: 1st fret
Chords: G, F#m, Bm, D, Em

Ukulele Chords
G – 0232
F#m – 2120
Bm – 3222
D – 2220
Em – 0402
G F#m Yeah, yeah Bm F#m D Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1]
G We reject what we don't understand F#m We turn our backs on a fellow man Bm I wanna change, but my heart is bleedin' F#m D Heart is hard, and can nobody can see me G I wanna be there for the ones that need me F#m I can't stand the pain I see on TV Bm Jealous 'cause they wanna be me F#m D Damn it man, this life ain't easy G It takes over me F#m Unforgiveness keeps control of me Bm Damnit, I gotta get a hold of me F#m D Gotta get a hold of me, oh G What you want out of life? That's the question F#m This ain't a simulation, this a blessing Bm Is it a mistake or is it destine? F#m D G We ain't got no time for second guessin' Em We can't save ourselves, we need a savior Bm We ain't make ourselves, we need a maker F#m I keep failin' myself, I need somethin' new D So I lay my life down, I give it all to you [Bridge]
G F#m Give it all, give it all to you (I give it all to you) Bm Give it all to you, give it all (I give it all to you) F#m D Oh, oh
[Verse 2]
G I came to the end of me, believin' the enemy F#m Comin' with that "Mmm", man, you ain't a friend of me Bm Nothing can fix that, ooh, not even the Hennessy F#m D I had to switch it up, yeah, switch up the remedy G F#m God can you use some perfect people? (Oh) Bm 'Cause I'm broken through and through (Oh) F#m Just tell me where I need to go (Need to go) D 'Cause that's all that I wanna do (All that I wanna do) G F#m I'm a mess, but I'm tryna grow Bm I'm upset, but I still wanna know Is there more for my life F#m D Or is that all she wrote? (Is that all she wrote?) G F#m Uh, is that all she wrote? (Is that all that she wrote?) Bm F#m D Is that all she wrote? (Is that all that she wrote?) Is that all she wrote? [Verse 3]
N.C. Thanks to all them Judas kisses, I got a masters in forgiveness N.C. I don't need a jail system, I walk in conviction N.C. I rather pray to God, than pray for wishes N.C. I'm supernatural, not superstitious, there's a difference N.C. Like relationship versus religion, that's a prison N.C. I'm lightin' circle, then royal purple inside a prism N.C. This flow is so universal, it came with dreams and visions N.C. I got the keys to the kingdom, I'm 'bout my father business G I came up straight from the bottom, I started from the finish F#m You can't undermine a mastermind Bm I may be out of your mind, but I ain't out of mine F#m I'm co-crucified, bury, resurrected D And perfected in the son of God G F#m Just like water turn to wine, I'm a prophetic sign Bm Ask your barber, I'ma headliner in New York Times F#m My life verses, I am His, yeah, and he is mine D The great "I Am's", the greatest Lamb of all time G F#m Rebranded, redesigned and redefined From Brandon to brand new Bm I'ma brand name in the household, brand too F#m D Who are you to tell me what I can't do? We need a [?], huh? [Outro]
N.C. You ever ask yourself "Am I gonna make it?" N.C. Well, I don't know, of course I can fake it N.C. But honestly, can not go wrong N.C. I'm so tired, I'm so broken, I'm so weary N.C. Oh, God, oh, God

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