At Home With The Animals chords by Ryan Adams

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play At Home With The Animals chords by Ryan Adams.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords:  C, F/C, Am, G, F
Ukulele Chords
 C – 0003
F/C – 2010
Am – 2000
G – 0232
F –  2010
While you were reading 

Your black Bible in the sun,
Am G I was drunk half out the window F of a moving city bus G C Wilder than the devil F like a tiger in the brush G C Louder than an atom bomb F That you could only hush G C Spinning like the earth and moon F So close but never touched G C F Of all the ways I wanted to be loved G C F/C C You were not enough C F/C While your head was bowed
And hands praying to God
Am G I was swinging from the chandeliers F Like some endangered animal G C F somewhere in New Orleans on the run Am G Like I just won the lottery F With god knows what inside of me G C F Hair a mess and shoelaces undone G C F Of all the ways I wanted you G C F/C C You were not the one C While they were teaching you how

Moses split the sea,
Am I was in an airplane bathroom doing
Speedballs off the sink
G C High as any angel F Moving at the speed of sound G C Someplace over Germany
Moving through the clouds
G C Winking back at stewardesses

Plying me with Ale,
G C Big hooped golden earrings F staying at the same hotel G C Of all the ways I wanted
You to hold me,
G C F/C C I could not be held C While you were waiting
For the doctor in the chair
Am I was stoned riding the
Cyclone at the
Onslow county fair
G C The stars above us sparkled F Like they didn’t pay the bill G C Smokes behind the haunted house F Chugging stolen beers G C F cotton candy kisses underneath The Ferris wheel G C F Of all the ways you wanted me to feel G C I could never heal C F/C While you were waiting in the
Depot for the train
Am G I was asleep on stolen cargo F In the back of someone’s plane G C Halfway back to Florida F from Cuba in the rain G Low enough to feel the
Water from the

Sea spray on the waves
G Underneath the radar
Hauling crates of
Pure cocaine
G C Hungover and laughing F High above the Everglades G C F Of all the ways I wanted to be tamed G C F/C C I was just insane C While you were waiting in the

Lobby for your man
Am I was working at the

Circus as a garbage man
G C Remembering that winter F You were in a long black coat G C Now I’m at home with the animals F Knife at my own throat G C We hear the bells of freedom but the
Genes all just say no
G C If I was the Titanic F You were pink clouds and blue smoke G C Rising over Hemingway F In an old man’s fishing boat G C Of all the things I wished
That you were now
G C You are not around

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