Boys Do Cry ukulele chords by Louis Dunford

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Boys Do Cry ukulele chords by Louis Dunford.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: G, C, Cmaj7, D, Am, Cm, B
G [Verse]
G I get a text at

3am saying you can't
Sleep again, "I'm wide awake".
G But I know that's just a lie, you

Probably out your mind wth
All your mates.
G So I try to close my eyes but

I'm blinded by the light
Cause you keep calling.
G Cmaj7 So I answer and say "mate,

what do you want

It's proper late

can't it wait until the morning".
D You say I'm sorry if
I woke you up,
C But I've been overthinkg lately
and maybe you could save me from
G myself tonight,
I need help tonight,
C Cm Cause no one understands me all

my friends and family say
G B I'll be alright, boys don't cry,
but I've been cyring lately,
Cm So maybe you could save me
from myself tonight.
G We're in your flat at half past 3,

drinking cups of tea
on the kitchen floor.
G You say you feel ashamed, cause you've

Never had to explain the
Way you feel before.
G Cause you can't afford the therapy,

See you're scared that
This is going to be forever.
G C But you're not alone mate that's

the truth, things can change

I'm living proof

That it get better.
D So don't be sorry that
you woke me up,
C Cause maybe I'm the mate who
could be the one to

Save you from
G yourself again, when you
need help my friend,
C And society demands you man
up I know it's hard to.
G B But don't comply, boys do cry,
and when you are too afraid to
Cm I'll be the one to save you
from yourself tonight.
G B C Cm Cause boys do cry G B C Cm Boys do cry I'll be the one

to save you from yourself
G B C Boys do cry

And when you're too
afraid to I'll be the

One to save you
G B C Cm Boys do cry

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