Management Ukulele Chords by Clairo

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  • Tunning: Standard
  • Chords: G,F#m, F, Cmaj7, Em7, A, D, D7, B7 , C,Cm, Gmaj7, Esus2, F#m7, E, C#, D/F#, A#, C7
G F#m F Cmaj7 G F#m Em7 G [Verse 1]
G A Mom, would you give me a ring? D D7 G One for the ride and one for the magazines? B7 C Cm "She's only twenty-two" [Verse 2]
G A A flash to the upbringing D D7 G Of the child, the canine, what will become mine B7 C Cm Once I decide to leave? [Verse 3]
Gmaj7 F#m Esus2 Seek to take and give it all away Gmaj7 F#m Once you know, it's only a maze Esus2 There could be more days like today [Chorus]
F#m7 B7 Complain to the management E C# About my lack of self-respect F#m7 B7 Fast forward to when

I'll have friends
E C# And men who don't interject F#m7 B7 Harping over old regrets E C# F#m7 B7 Hating how I let it get to me E C# Me [Verse 4]
G D/F# Only for a short while Em7 D I'm bound to lose my head G D/F# And just when I start to think it's ended Em7 D Another demand commences G D/F# I'm doing it for my future self Em7 D The one who needs more attention G D/F# I'll forget to forgive and hold it all in Em7 D I'm old with some resentment [Outro]
A# C7 F D7 Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
A# C7 F D7 Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh A# C7 F D7 Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh A# C7 F D7 Oh-oh-oh

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