Ode To Freedom chords by ABBA

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Ode To Freedom Ukulele chords by ABBA.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard G C E A
  • Chords: E, B, F#m, Am, G#7, C#m A, C
  • Key: E
Ukulele Chords
E – 1402
B – 4322
F#m – 2120
Am – 2000
G#7 – 1023
C#m – 1104
A – 2100
C – 0003
E B F#m B E Am G#7 C#m A E B E [Verse 1]
E If I ever write my Ode to Freedom B It will be in prose that chimes with me F#m It would be a simple Ode to Freedom B E Not pretentious, but with dignity Am G#7 I would like to think that freedom is C#m More than just a word A E In grand and lofty language B E Odes to Freedom often go unheard [Interlude]
C E C B [Verse 2]
E If I ever wrote my Ode to Freedom B Being privileged and spoilt for choice F#m Then I fear that you would be suspicious B E Of the cause to which I'd lend my voice Am E G#7 It's elusive and it's hard to hold C#m It's a fleeting thing A E B E That's why there is no Ode to Freedom truly worth remembering A E B E I wish someone would write an Ode to Freedom that we all could sing [Outro]

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