Part Of The Band Chords ukulele by The 1975

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Part Of The Band Chords ukulele by The 1975 .

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords:  F, C, Bb, Dm, Gm, A
  • Key: F#
  • Capo: 1st fret
Ukulele Chords
 F – 2010
C – 0003
Bb – 3211
Dm – 2210
Gm – 0231
A – 2100
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[Verse 1]
Bb                  F         
She was part of the Air Force, 
I was part of the band
Dm I always used to bust
Bb F C Dm
into her hand
Bb F C Dm In my, my, my imagination Bb F I was living my best life,
living with my parents
Dm Way before the paying penance
Bb F C
and verbal propellants
Bb F C And my, my, my cancellation,

hm, yeah
[Instrumental] Bb F C Dm Bb F C [Verse 2] Bb F And I fell in love with a boy,

it was kinda lame
C Dm I was Rimbaud and he was
Bb F C
Paul Verlaine
Bb F C In my, my, my imagination Bb F C So many cringes and heroin binges, C I was coming off the hinges,
living on the fringes
Bb F C Of my, my, my imagination,

oh, yeah
[Pre-Chorus] Gm Bb C Enough about me now Gm Bb C "You gotta talk about

the people, baby"
Gm Bb C But that's kind of the idea [Chorus] Dm C At home, somewhere I don't like Bb F Eating stuff off of motorbikes Bb A Coming to her lookalikes Dm C I can't get the language right Bb F Bb F C F Just tell me what's unladylike [Verse 3] Bb I know some Vaccinista
tote bag chic baristas
Sitting in east on their
communista keisters
Bb F C Writing about their ejaculations Bb "I like my men like
I like my coffee
C Full of soy milk and so sweet,
it won't offend anybody"
Bb F Whilst staining the pages
of the nation, oh, yeah
[Pre-Chorus] Gm Bb C A Xanax and a Newport Gm Bb C "Well I take care of my kids",
Gm Bb C
she said
[Chorus] Dm C The worst inside of us begets Bb F That feeling on the internet Bb It's like someone intended it C A (Like advertising cigarettes) Dm C A diamond in the rough begets Bb F Bb C The diamond with a scruff you get [Instrumental Bridge] Bb F Bb F C Bb F C Dm Bb F C Bb F C Dm Bb F C F [Outro] Bb Am I ironically woke?
The butt of my joke?
C Or am I just some post-coke,
average, skinny bloke
Bb F C Calling his ego imagination? Bb I've not picked up that in a
thousand four hundred days

And nine hours and
Dm sixteen minutes, babe Bb F C F It's kind of my daily iteration Bb F C Dm Bb F

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