Red Flags Ukulele Chords by Tom Cardy feat. Montaigne 

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play  Red Flags Ukulele Chords by Tom Cardy feat. Montaigne.

Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: Gm, Am, Dm, D, F, Db, C, Bm, Bb, A, Ab, Am7
  • Key: Dm
  • Capo:
Gm The date started off so well Gm Begin my night not expecting

the fright of my life
Gm She was perfect from what

I could tell
Gm How could I not see the

danger right in front of me?
Gm My favorite food is fish Gm Baby, that's my favorite too Gm I love cartoon dogs Gm Baby, I love Scooby Doo Gm Hey girl, what's your favorite film? Gm She said, the best movie of all Gm A masterpiece of art called [Chorus]
Gm Human Centipede Am Human Centipede D I think that I'm gonna

get murdered tonight
Gm Human Centipede Am Not ironically D She said, "The costume

Design was a highlight"
Gm I like it for the plot Am Tell me what the plot's about D German doctor sews three

people butt to mouth
N.C. Cool! Gm Human Centipede Am Please god save me D I think that's a red flag,

I don't want to get stabbed
D Dm She said, "Human Centipede is a

tour de force"
F I think, "Holy crap I'm gonna be
the main course"
D She said, "I admire the
narrative of character growth"
F I try to get the waiter's attention by
Gm Dm
blinking in morse code
Dm Why are you blinking so much? Db I've got something in my eye C Here, let me get it out Bm No thank you, I don't wanna die Bb A Bonjour, sir was blinking at me.

Is this because your date is a freak?
Ab No A Very good then, bon appétit [Bridge]
Gm Stop hiding behind your
silly made-up red flag
Gm F To not take a chance on the best relationship

you never had
Gm Maybe you're right and
I'm looking for excuses
Bb My heart's got bruises but
C Gm
I'm ready to choose this love
Gm You could be my world,
the love of my life
Gm F One day we'll get married and be

husband and wife
Gm With a tasteful ceremony,
and the wedding of our dreams
Bb C Only if the wedding is themed Tell me what the theme's gonna be! [Chorus]
Gm Human Centipede Am Human Centipede D That way we could save on

the catering bill
Gm Human Centipede Am Only one mouth to feed Dm If you are the best man,

you know the deal (Pucker up)
Gm Am I can finally open myself up to love D I can finally sew a

mouth to a butt
Gm Human Centipede Am7 D Human Centipede


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