Telepath Ukulele Chords By Manchester Orchestra

Telepath Track Info

Song: Telepath
Artist: Manchester Orchestra

Chords Info

Difficulty: intermediate
Tuning: G C E A
Key: A
Chords: C#m, E, A, B, D, F#m

Ukulele Chords
C#m – 1104
E – 1402
A – 2100
B – 3222
D – 2220
F#m -2120
C#m E A E (x4) [Verse 1]
C#m E A E In my mind you are an old empty apartment C#m E A B Sitting on your mother's table next to you is hope C#m E A E Carving out our names into each pieace of wood and concrete C#m E A B Told her I don't have a lot babe, but you can have my soul [Chorus 1]
A E Baby do you want me? (x2) A E B Baby do you want me? (no, no, no) C#m E A E (x2) [Verse 2]
C#m E A E In your mind this is a new inglorious morning C#m E A B You ain't never gonna let nobody take that light again C#m E A E Everyone I know is slowly falling in the ocean C#m E A B I don't wanna be the next to row, I never learned to swim. [Chorus 2]
A E Baby do you love me? (x2) A E B Baby do you love me? (no, no, no) C#m A D A (x2)
[Verse 3]
F#m A D A Well in my mind you are the road I chose to travel F#m A D E Might as well have been the very last thing I decide F#m A D A Half the time I'm lost, afraid that you're just borrowed F#m A D E Don't matter much to me man, not afraid to die [Chorus 3]
D A Baby are you with me? D A Do you forgive me? D A E F#m Your the one I wanted, one I want when I am old. (x2) [Outro]
F#m D A When I'm falling. (x2)

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