Hardline Ukulele Chords By Julien Baker

Hardline Track Info

Chords Info

Difficulty: novice
Tuning: G C E a
Chords: F, Am, Dm, Bb, Gm

Ukulele Chords
F – 2010
Am – 2000
Dm – 2210
Bb – 3200
Gm – 0231
F Am Dm Bb Am Gm [Verse 1]
F Am Dm Blacked out on a weekday Bb Am Gm Still, something that I'm trying to avoid F Am Dm Start asking for forgiveness in advance Bb Am Gm For all the future things I will destroy F Am Dm That way I can ruin everything Bb Am Gm When I do, you don't get to act surprised F Am Dm When it finally gets to be too much Bb Am Gm I always told you you could leave at any time F Am Until then I'll split the difference Dm Bb Between medicine and poison F Am Take what I can get away with Dm Bb While it burns right through my stomach F Am I'm telling my own fortune Dm Bb Something I cannot escape F Am I can see where this is going Dm Bb But I can't find the brake [Instrumental Break]
F Am Dm Bb Am Gm [Verse 2]
F Am Dm Knocked out on a weekend Bb Am Gm Would you hit me this hard if I wеre a boy? F Am Dm See, I don't need you to defend mе Bb Am Gm 'Cause it's just the sort of thing that I enjoy F Am Took the fallout, draw a hard line Dm Bb When I cross it, it's the third time F Am Say my own name in the mirror Dm Bb And when nobody appears F Am Say it's not so cut and dry Dm Bb Oh, it isn't black and white Gm What if it's all black, baby? All the time [Outro]
F Am Dm Bb F Oh, all the time Am Dm Bb F Oh, all the time Am Dm Bb F Am Dm Bb Oh, all the time F Am Dm Bb

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